We are a non-profit organization dedicated to informing our community about issues of concerns. If you have any questions please call
Danny Ramos 321-356-5596
Danny Ramos
News Host
Greg Perkins
Host for EduTV
Yesenia Garcia Editor/Film Manager

14 Years Broadcasting

On Spectrum Cable

Mission Statement

To inform the community factually and analytically on current issues that affect their lives.

About Us

Hispanics SpeakOut TV has been broadcast on Spectrum Cable for 14 years. The show fills a great need to provide the bi-lingual Hispanic Community of Central Florida with TV programming that covers political, economic and educational issues that are not covered to this target audience. 86% of the Hispanic community is fully bi-lingual, mostly consisting of Puerto Ricans who make up more than 70% of Hispanics and Cubans that who represent 12% of the Central Florida Hispanic market.

Following the policy of Hispanic Achievers, our show is taped as a college internship program. The finished taped is then delivered in finished form to the Offices of Bright House cable for broadcast.  The show presently airs at 9:30 P.M. every Tuesday.

We have been invited to the White House to interview such notable national leaders as the Presidential Cabinet Director of Immigration, Small Business, Housing and Urban Development and the White House Council of the President. Additional interviewed have included a vast number Congressman, Senator and Corporate leaders.

Our goal is to provide insight as to the issues and priorities of Hispanics nationally and locally.

Please feel free to contact us directly should you have any questions .