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Mission: To provide educational news broadcasts to the minority communities of Florida.

The Hispanic Achievers has been broadcasting its TV program “Hispanics SpeakOut-TV for 15 years on the I-4 corridor”.
Today we provide statewide coverage. The program airs in the English language which targets 86% of Hispanics.
Its also reaches business leaders, elected officials and educators who have interests in the Hispanic community.
Hispanic Achievers has now added 2 additional shows, Latina Role Models and Edu TV to its broadcast portfolio.
The programs are conducted in an interview style format. These TV programs are produced at WMFE NPR studio
located at 11510 East Colonial Drive, Orlando Florida.

On Air Hosting Team
for NHCA's 3 TV Weekly Shows

Danny Ramos

Greg Perkins

Margie Viera

Attorney Sandra Rivera
Co- Host

Husain Jaffer
Co-Host & Local Activist

Gem Micheo
Advisory Co-Host

Daniela Rodrgiuez
Special Topic Guest Host-Ambassador of Paving the Way

Attorney Tony Suarez
Advisory Co-host

Attorney Marrivette Gonzalez
Advisory Co-Host