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9/9/14 -

Segment #1
*Exclusive Interview with Senator David Simmons
“Our Florida Educational System has become the envy of the entire nation
under Governor Scott” says Simmons.
“Funding has been increased to highest levels and our 4th
graders are the top in the world”.
Chaplain Danny Ramos, Andy Tuck of Florida Board of Ed interview
Senator David Simmons....
Segment #2
Biggest Banking fine in U.S. History, 16 BillionD dollars
against one bank! Who was the Bank and why was the fine
Chaplain Danny Ramos, Jose Miranda and Glenda Chauncy
lay it out...


9/2/14 -

Segment #1
Why do police need armored cars plus bullet proof vest?

Segment #2
Is the perception of racism created by a community not participating in the governmental process?

Segment #3
Chris campaign, no support for minority media's…4 million dollars to pass marijuana. Why did Crist quit being governor? Why do Puerto Ricans vote on the island and not here? Is this true?

8/26/14 -

Segment #1
Martin Luther King said “riots are the language of unheard.” Is this justified?

Segment #2
Race Rating…Is a business to make money?

Segment #3
Why is Chicago with an average of 30 shootings per weekend not on major media’s?

8/19/14 -

Exclusive Interviews with Candidates...

*Charlie Crist, former Governor of Florida,
interviewed by Chaplain Danny Ramos

*Tina Carabello, Candidate Orange County Judge
interviewed by Jose Miranda
*Orange County Clerk interviewed by Maria Padilla

*Donna Goerner Candidate for Circuit Judge Seminole
interviewed by Jason Henry

*Community Activist Dolores Guzman
call for action, Get Out The Vote!

8/12/14 -

Segment #1
*Sandy Rivera running for Seminole County Judge, who is tearing down her advertsing?
*Charlie Crist picks Annette Taddeo as running mate...Colombian born Democratic Party Leader
Segment #3
*Meet Gino Feliciani for Judge in Osceola County.
Segment #4
*Meet Zulma Velez, Candidate for State Rep in Osceola County.

8/5/14 -

Segment #1
Senator David Simmons (R) on the
Border Crisis, Education and
opportunities for undocumented
Segment #2
Meet Gino Feliciani,
an excellent Candidate for
Circuit court Judge for 9th District!
Segment #3
Andy Tuck, Florida Borad of ED
explains the school NEW grading
system for Florida kids

7/29/14 -


7/22/14 -

Segment #1
The Panel Argues over the Obama Doctrine of preferred treatment to undocumented border arrivals vs. U.S. children that are citizens and homeless and abused.
Segment 3@
Is chivalry dead with Hispanic Men...a fun exchange that gets heated!
Segment #3
Puerto Rican Women Runs for Circuit Court Judge In Seminole County...
Sandy Rivera breaking new ground for Hispanic Women!


7/15/14 -

Segment #1
Border Crisis: Danny Ramos Faces Off with Jose Miranda and Immigration Attorney Camilla Pacheon
on the Moral and economic arguments that surround the Border Crisis
Segment #2
The Supreme Court decides that a Company called Hobby Lobby does NOT have to provide 4 types of conception
to its employees. A legal look at this controversy by Attorney Evelyn Pabon Figueroa, Danny Ramos and Glenda Chauncy.
Segment #3
BOYCOTT the FCAT! It’s Discriminatory Against Hispanics
Lourdes Perez Ramierez of HispanEduca and Cindy Hamilton of OppOut Orlando
push this issue to the forefront...


7/8/14 -

Segment #1
Crisis On The Border...
Hispanic Leaders Argue on Policy...
Chaplain Danny Ramos, Jose Miranda &
Attorney Camilla Pacheon...

Segment #2
Hispanics SpeakOut on
Supreme Court On Contraception...
Attorney Evelyn Pabon Figueroa, Danny Ramos
& Glenda Chauncy
Segment #3
Education: Dump The Fcat
Lourdes Perez of HispanEduca


7/1/14 -

*Segment #1 Governor Rick Scott’s Exclusive 15 min. interview by Chaplain Danny Ramos
*Segment #2 Discussion on STEM: How are Hispanics Doing in Science & technology.
*Segment #3 Seminole  Judge candidate Susan Stacey, What makes her different?


6/17/14 -

Segment #1 *Why did Val Demings Quit her race for Mayor(Demings was Police Chief for City of Orlando)
Segment #2 *Florida Teacher of the Year speaks out on our educational system.
Segment #3 *New Senate Bill 1642, Our new grading system for our schools in Florida


6/10/14 -

Segment #1: *Political Face Off, Lew Oliver, Chair of Republicans vs.Carlos Smith, Chair of Democrats go at each other.
Segment #2: *Education: Discussion of How Hispanics are doing in Global economy?
Segment #3: *A Look at Bob Cortes, Mayor of Longwood & Candidate for House of Representatives


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4/29/14 -


4/22/14 - Orange county chair Lew Oliver called racist...Is he a victim of political opportunists? Orlando commissioner candidate take heat on alleged corruption.


4/15/14 -


4/8/14 - 5 Central Florida Police Officers vs The 3rd largest mafia group in US. The up and coming political races in Central Florida. Freedom of religion and Obama Care.


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1/28/14 - Vic Torres, Planned Parenthood 2/


1/21/14 - Immigration/ Planned Parenthood


1/14/14 - President Obama/ Orange Appraiser/ Orange

Bar Association


1/07/14 - Brent Upham/ Nan Rich Governor