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12/31/13 - Senator Rich Candidate for Governor


12/24/13 - Obamacare, Foreclosures, & Nan Rich


12/17/13 - Governor Candidate Nan Rich


12/10/13 - Miss Independence/ Immigration


11/19/13 - Immigration Update; Obamacare


11/12/13 - Voting Rights; Domestic Relationships


11/05/2013 - NALEO Speakout on Immigration


10/15/2013 - Former Puerto Rico Governor Romero
Barcelo interviewed by Danny Ramos about
unconstitutional act of U.S. Congress prohibiting
U.S. Puerto Rican citizens from voting in Presidential
elections. Also, Statehood vs. Independence for
Puerto Rico.


10/1/2013 - Monica Santiago survived the Casselberry
hair salon massacre and tells what she witnessed, her
friends shot in front of her. Santiago was shot 6 times
and survived her boyfriends murderous rage. This
show is partial in Spanish.


9/10/2013 - Interview with Jorge Bonnilla; runs in
Republican primary as Candidate to challenge
Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson.


9/3/2013 - Shayla Asencios joins Danny Ramos and
Glenda Chauncy to talk about (SNAP), Supplemental
Nutrition Assistance Program, that was featured on
FOX NEWS. Are millions of people stealing tax
dollars by exploiting the SNAP program.


8-20-2013 - Marivette Gonzalez, Family Law Attorney,
interviews Plan Parenthood community Outreach
Executives on controversal issues such as abortion,
teen pregancies, HIV, and their funding sources.


7/30/2013 - Marivette Gonzalez, Family Law Attorney,
interviews Carol Which of Harbor House, discussing
issues of spousal abuse & murdered victims in
Orange County.


7/23/2013 - Danny Ramos host with co-host Jose
Miranda & political contributor Shayla Ascenio on the
Immigration war and stereotypes against Hispanic


Attorney Adam Sudbury interviewed on
Constitutional rights of Americans being illegally
changed by the US Government.


Gary Siplin and Fmr. State Rep. Attorney Anthony
Suarez GO FACE TO FACE, on the racial implications
of the Martin/Zimmerman Trial


Latino Justice Sues Orange County for
Discrimination on Re-districting...


Children Mental Healthcare Issues; The Law:
Too Big to Presecute...


Criminal Attorney Tracey Kagan talks about your
rights, what to do and what not to do, if you are


6/11/2013 - Former U.S. Senator Demint: Hispanics
have lower IQ's.


6/4/2013 - Former Congresswoman Sandy Adams &

Sexual Stereotyping Hispanic Women.


5/14/2013 - Republican Chair Seminole


4/23/2013 - Women Leaders Receive Awards


4/16/2013 - Cop Killers Teach At Major NYC College


4/09/2013 - E.D. Superintendent Arrested for Cheating;
Down Syndrome: Ana Agostini & her son Gabriel.


4/02/2013 - Food Stamps


3/26/2013 - Legalization of Drugs in America


3/18/2013 - Obama Israel - MetLife


3/12/2013 - Farmworkers on Immigration Reform


3/4/2013 - Hispanic License Plate Re-organized

Hispanic License Plate

2/12/2013 - UCF Sugar Daddy Scandal

• UCF Sugar Daddy Scandal
• Immigration
• Florida New Business Logo
2/5/2013 - 3 Divorced Hispanic Women on Survival...

• Divorced Hispanic Women
• Update on Foreclosure
1/29/2013 - Hispanics on Guns, Obama, and Orange County Schools
1/15/2013 - On Guns

• Guns
• Banks on Foreclosure
1/1/2013 - 2012 Commentary